Month: June 2014

MythBusting Topic: Internal Use of Essential Oils

This topic is probably one of the most heated debates between the different schools of thought on essential oils.  I will provide the basic, simplified version of the beliefs behind this argument, as well as a well known company’s stand. 1. British—Based on Aromatherapy only; discourages neat use, and internal use.  Their beliefs are based on […]

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dōTERRA: changing lives on the FRONT end!

Not only do the products change lives, but doTERRA is changing lives on the front end of the product. dōTERRA does NOT farm their own oils.  They support the cultures and peoples in the native habitats where the plants are sourced.  The lives that are being changed PRE-Product is amazing.  The farmers that grow, the […]

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What is tolerance, really?

Tolerance is such a twisted concept, I truly hate that word, for several reasons.  Now, before you get angry and stop reading, I urge you to read on because you may be quite surprised. First, let’s set the stage.  I’m a Christian.  I love Jesus. When I share scripture, and the gospel, and who Jesus […]

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