OUR Jonti Giving Back



Team Jonti has joined forces with Operation Underground Railroad

Learn about this wonderful organization here: 


Want to help? We have two different projects needing you!

Bear Project



Please donate white terry towels, toothpaste, toothbruses, and soap.  We also get together once a month to turn the terry towels into little teddy bears for the children.  When these individuals are rescued, they are taken to a special safe house.  They go with none of their possessions, so to arrive and get a little gift with these personal essentials is very meaningful.  Please contact me personally to find out how to get these items to the proper location.

Vending Machine Project

We need volunteers that will participate in filling, placement and management of the Team Jonti/ O.U.R. vending machines. 

How to Participate in the Team Jonti Vending Machine O.U.R. project

I am personally donating these machines to this project.  The machine then will be yours.  When you receive a machine, the following is your responsibility.  Please honor Operation Underground Railroad by donating 100% of the proceeds. Tip: you can take a charity tax write off for all your expenses, contact your accountant to find out how.

  • Fill the machine with On Guard drops or Breathe drops. Cash in LRP points, get them donated by team members, or purchase on your LRP either On Guard Throat drops or Breathe drops to put in a machine.
  • Get the signage printed for your machine. Download the below pdf, simply send it to your local copy shop for print.  A very light card stock, or heavier paper stock is recommended.
  • Purchase additionally needed 1 inch circular capsules to put the drops in. Each machine will come with a few capsules as a sample.  Several online sites sell these.  Here’s an example. Ebay. Here’s another: wholesalevend.
  • Get the machine out there! Take it to classes, booths, trainings etc.
  • Any funds collected are to be deposited into your business account. Then make the same donation back to the Operation Underground Railroad link on dōTERRA.com page under the Healing Hands section. Click here– 



This is what the vending machines look like.

Please contact me directly to obtain your machine.  You can get the pdf of the internal signage here.