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Playing the game with a Team Comprised of Spectators

Do you try to play the championship game with a team comprised of spectators? Spectators like to watch.  They don’t want to get very involved in the strategy planning of the game.  They will cheer others on, and show up at the events, but they want to be a spectator.  They don’t want to do […]

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Christians are exempt from insurance mandates!

Learn more here! Christian members of healthcare sharing ministries will not face the penalties and taxes that other Americans will be forced to pay if they do not have health insurance by 2014. On March 22, 2010, President Obama signed into law new legislation that requires most Americans to purchase government-regulated health insurance by the […]

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Staying Healthy for your Wedding Day!

Immune System Support The last thing we want on our biggest day is to be sick.  With the stress, lack of sleep, nerves, and anxious feelings, our immune systems are easily weakened.   So, what can you do? Staying hydrated, rested, and well nourished will help. But, you can also support your immune system with essential […]

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