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Buy One, Get One Free!

It’s BOGO week.  And when doTERRA does BOGO, boy, is it nuts! We love stocking up on our favorites, and getting a free oil in the process!  Go like my Facebook page, and watch for each days BOGO deal. Starting Monday, February 20 and running through Saturday, February 25 you can get some of your […]

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Survival and Emergency Preparedness with Essential Oils

As I prepare to be a part of the “You Can Survive” fair sponsored by Summit Canyon Mountaneering, I decided to write about the basics of using essential oils for this purpose.  The Family Essentials kit has some of the basic oils you would need.  Click below for each oil’s description and common uses.  Maybe you joined […]

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MythBusting Topic: Internal Use of Essential Oils

This topic is probably one of the most heated debates between the different schools of thought on essential oils.  I will provide the basic, simplified version of the beliefs behind this argument, as well as a well known company’s stand. 1. British—Based on Aromatherapy only; discourages neat use, and internal use.  Their beliefs are based on […]

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