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Did you know that you’re a Superhero?

  I love dōTERRA’s culture. It’s one of inclusion and not division. It’s where crosslines work together to train other leader’s teams.  We truly have a culture that serves everyone’s success, regardless. Jumpstart (which was incredible) is an example of this collaboration. And last weekend was the best ever.  We have all evolved, and it has become […]

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dōTERRA: changing lives on the FRONT end!

Not only do the products change lives, but doTERRA is changing lives on the front end of the product. dōTERRA does NOT farm their own oils.  They support the cultures and peoples in the native habitats where the plants are sourced.  The lives that are being changed PRE-Product is amazing.  The farmers that grow, the […]

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I was delivered last night.  What an amazing thing.  Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise! deliverance  (dĭ-lĭv’ər-əns, -lĭv’rəns) n. The act of delivering or the condition of being delivered. Rescue from bondage or danger. Roget’s Thesaurus: noun Extrication from danger or confinement: delivery, rescue, salvage, salvation. Random House Word Menu: Mystical States […]

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