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Free Download: Printable Essential Oil Safety Guide

Yahoo!! You’re using oils! And, you want to make sure you’re doing it right, and doing it safely. I’m SOOOO glad. Feel free to share the link to this page, and share this great Essential Oil Safety Guide. It’s ALL the most important safety items, ALL in one place.  Yes, it’s only one page. Why? […]

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Pure Essential Oils and CPTG Quality Testing

I can’t tell you how many tragic stories I’ve heard from individuals who have used oils from over the counter.  This is why I only trust doTERRA, and why I only purchase DIRECTLY from doTERRA. When I asked them why they chose that other oil, one of the responses I get is: “They’re less expensive.” […]

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Why I trust doTERRA’s CPTG Standard

Have you ever flown in an airplane:  A private plane with a friend or relative who is a pilot, or on a commercial flight? Have you ever seen the safety checklist that MUST be completed prior to that large bird taxiing down the runway?  The pilot has one.  I’ve seen it, it’s NOT short.  That’s […]

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