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Playing the game with a Team Comprised of Spectators

Do you try to play the championship game with a team comprised of spectators? Spectators like to watch.  They don’t want to get very involved in the strategy planning of the game.  They will cheer others on, and show up at the events, but they want to be a spectator.  They don’t want to do […]

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Did you know that you’re a Superhero?

  I love dōTERRA’s culture. It’s one of inclusion and not division. It’s where crosslines work together to train other leader’s teams.  We truly have a culture that serves everyone’s success, regardless. Jumpstart (which was incredible) is an example of this collaboration. And last weekend was the best ever.  We have all evolved, and it has become […]

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What holds people back from success?

With all the #Trump and #Hillary political stuff, #repealthe19th, and hurricanes to blame for everyone’s dissatisfaction in their life, I thought I’d just write a little tidbit on the topic. What REALLY holds individuals back from success? There is a common theme that rings true about this topic in all the personal development books I’ve […]

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