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Bathroom Cabinet Makeover: This Basics class will teach you why you should use essential oils, and how. You will learn how they are safe, very effective, and affordable.

 Essential Oil Foundations:  Understanding how to use your oils at a deeper level.  Understanding what to do, and also what NOT to do when using your oils.  Learn about more oils that are not taught in the Cabinet Makeover class. 



 The Power Behind Proper Health:  Learn how your immune system protects you and how proper nutrition is vital.  Learn how the patented formula in these vitamins set them apart from anything you can buy over the counter.  Learn about cellular function, toxic load, intestinal flora, nucleic oxidation and the purpose of antioxidants.


 Body Systems:  Learn about the major body systems and how essential oils can impact them in a positive way.  How does Lemon impact cardiovascular health?  How does the Respiratory formula work in the respiratory system?  Learn about the Glandular and Endocrine systems and how this affects thyroid and overall health.  Learn about the nervous system, it’s major components, and how oils can support it.
Synapse_01.jpg5913ee54-3e33-4bdf-b251-9bdf17e20d3eLarger   Emotional Health and Mood Management:  Learn how brain chemistry affects our emotions, and emotional memory.  Learn about the Blood-Brain barrier and how essential oils can support the nervous system. Learn the function of the amygdala and how smell and aromatic compounds can have a profound effect.
 do TERRA Slim & Sassy  Permanent and Natural Weight Release: Learn how and why we store fat.  It’s not ALL about calories, but there’s other factors that play a part.  Learn how the detoxification process will help those fat cells shrink!


   Hormone Balance and Family Health:  Almost every function of the body is controlled by powerful chemicals called hormones. Learn about hormone and neurotransmitter balance and about supporting the reproductive and nervous systems using essential oils.


  Essential Science:  Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts show that essential oils have been used for thousands of years.  Learn about the history of their use as well as modern scientific studies proving their effectiveness.  Specific studies will be highlighted.  Learn how essential oils make their way from the earth to the bottle and why my chosen brand is superior.



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