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doTERRA and Young Living #1

Posted by on April 17, 2012

Did Avon and Mary Kay have these issues in Mary Kay’s first 4 years?  In researching both companies, I’m delighted at the fact that Young Living is threatened by doTERRA.  I wonder if Avon (1932, current net income $518 Million) was as threatened by Mary Kay (founded 1963, current net income $2.4 Billion)  If so, good, I hope our net income surpasses just like Mary Kay’s has!

I found a blog last week written by a rep from Young Living.  Here it is.  Notice the claims that doTERRA markets their products by bashing YL.  I know this isn’t the case on my team, but unfortunately, maybe this person has come across some doTERRA reps that have done some bashing.  My hope is this will stop.  We have no need to bash, just tell the truth.

In response to some of the claims:  From this point forward in this blog entry, YL comments will be in this brown font, my writings will be in purple.  You know how I feel about purple!  Especially purple cows!  Moooo.

Have you ever questioned doTERRA’s story of how they came about?  No, I haven’t because if someone works for a company, and they don’t like the direction it is going, and wants to do something different, they have every right to do so.  I’ve quit many jobs in my history for one reason or another.  I find it interesting how throughout your blog you speak of Dr. Hill leaving YL. You don’t mention that David Stirling was fired by Gary Young after he made it clear that he disapproved of where Gary was going to take the company. You also don’t mention Emily Wright, who also left YL and is now with dōTERRA. So, three board members left YL, not just Dr. Hill.  I’m actually more curious about what Gary Young was wanting to do that made these three officers leave Young Living. We will probably never know.

The only way to create legs in this situation is to defame the integrity of the competing company. Never have I been to a training or meeting where Young Living is bashed.  Never have I found material on our corporate site where YL is directly defamed.  We don’t have to bash YL to grow. We simply tell why doTERRA is so amazing.  We NEVER mention YL.  We usually use “over the counter oils” or “commercial oils” as a comparison.  I did find this document though.

These questions were comments posted on the above Young Living blog, from another Young Living rep.  Again, words from the YL rep are in BrownMy responses are in purple.

I really want to know how people who are capable of thinking for themselves don’t sit there and watch that convention video and watch that doctor stumble on his words and make up excuses about “water” testing as to why boswellic acid is not in doTERRA’s frankincense oil. This video shows the letterhead of the company who did the testing. That is not Young Living letterhead.  Like I said, I just want to know. I’m not being ugly.  I’ll be doing a huge lesson on this in a future blog entry.  Stay tuned. Smile

I responded to many other points in the blog, but the only reaction I received was regarding Boswellic Acids and Frankincense, and it was a corporate letter.  The font color and size were even the exact same bright blue.  I am doing extensive research OUTSIDE both YL and doTERRA sources to try to find the truth regarding Boswellic Acids and whether they could, would, or should be present in a PURE Essential Oil.

There seems to be a huge debate regarding the existence of BA’s in the Young Living Frankincense oil, and their absence in the doTERRA’s version.  Before addressing YL’s claims, I’d just like to say that doTERRA does NOT market their oil as containing Boswellic Acids!  They never have, and never will.  The Lifelong Vitality Vitamin line is where doTERRA customers receive this incredibly beneficial compound.  Make sure you read my other blogs:  Boswellic Acids in Frankincense, and Liquid Gold and Separating Fact from Fiction.

Another statement from the above mentioned corporate form letter was…

Since boswellic acids are found in frankincense extracts,

EEEeeerrrch… I’m stopping right there. Extracts are quite different than an essential oil.  Essential oils are extracted by steam distillation, a very gentle process that ensures the chemical components are not damaged, and the oil remains pure.  Extracts are a result of using a solvent of some kind to get the desired compounds out of the plant material.  This is why an almond extract smells much stronger than pure almond oil!  Here’s a third party article explaining this.

Here’s another explanation on extracts vs. essential oils.

Be assured that the doTERRA Frankincense Oil is a true, pure essential oil. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil, and NOT AN EXTRACT!!

YL wants to know why the B. Serrata species is used in the Alpha CRS vitamin, but the Frereana species for the oil.

From Dr. Hill’s personal assistant I received this: “Boswellia frereana’s complex chemistry includes main constituents of a-pinene, p-cymene, and a-thujene.  Scientific research is beginning to focus on the chemistry of this species.  We know it has been studied to prevent collagen degradation and inhibit pro-inflammatory markers in the body.”

Alpha CRS Cellular Longevity Blend: 870 mg

WOKVEL Boswellia serrata extract (300 mg)

******Notice it says EXTRACT, not oil. IN order for boswellic acids to be present you must use an extract, not an oil. Remember from above that extracts are solvent or alcohol based.  Oil distillation and extraction is not only a science, but an art form.  The moment a solvent is introduced in the distillation process, the oil becomes impure, and should not be labeled pure.

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