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Healing from surgery with Essential Oils

Posted by on November 18, 2012

This may be a gruesome blog entry, but don’t worry, I didn’t take photos.  However, what I may describe below might not be appropriate for, well, MOST!  Stop reading now, if you are easily grossed out or offended by body parts.

First, I must say, I’m so very grateful for skilled physicians, nurses, surgeons and modern anesthesia!  To have this issue fixed, is a miracle.  100 years ago, women just suffered, and suffered they did.  ugh.

I began having a strange sensation down there in September.  I didn’t have much pain, except if I sat down too fast and hard.  That hurt.  After my period was over, things just didn’t feel right, and I wondered if I had forgotten to remove a tampon.  I’d never done that before, but I am getting older!  I took a mirror and looked, and well, it didn’t look right.  I saw tissue where there shouldn’t be tissue.  Sure enough, everything was falling out.  My uterus, my bladder, and even my rectum.  I know; I warned you.

I had to have a hysterectomy, and prolapse repair done.The hysterectomy was done with the amazing daVinci Robot!  Watch one here.  The prolapse repair required a lot of cutting, dissection, lifting, some mesh taping, and a ton of stitches.

So, immediately upon waking, the pain was pretty bad.  This is where I’m thankful for modern medicine and good pain medication for sure!  They hooked me up to a nice pump, and I could administer pain medication as needed.  Phew!

Then, unfortunately, I discovered that some p. hairs had been accidentally glued to my leg!  Ouch.  Called the nurse, and my husband, asked for a mirror, some scissors, something.  The nurse scrambled with no success.  So, I asked my husband for the Lemon Oil.  It melted that glue right off, and my leg was freed.  What a relief.  Of course, the incision that it was holding began to bleed again, and we stopped it cold with some Helichrysum, and then initiated healing with some Frankincense.  Amazingly enough, this was the incision that healed the quickest!  Who knew?!

As my healing progressed, I did depend on the pain medication.  With all the cutting, dissecting, stitching, and “taping” the doctor had to do, I didn’t think I wanted to even try the ONLY oils option.  Pain is not something to mess around with.  But, each day, I applied oils to my glued incisions.  I used Frankincense, Lavender, and Anti-Aging Blend.  I did not use lemon on these incisions until after I saw the doctor for my post op, and he gave me the go ahead.  I didn’t want to melt the glue off too soon and have my incisions open up.

When they went to remove my IV’s, again, we broke out the Lemon oil.  The nurse was excited to see how quickly and easily it melted the tape off my hand.  It left no bruising (which I normally have), and no burned or fried skin.  And, the nurse commented on how much better it smells than the alcohol swabs they normally use.

Glue is now all dissolved off.  Each one took about five minutes of work with lemon oil, and a little rubbing.  Incisions are completely closed and scab free.  Only one of them has a pink line left, the other three are completely healed, and I’ll truly be surprised if I even end up with any scars!  These oils are truly amazing.

Today is day 12, post surgery, and I’m feeling pretty well.  I’m still moving a little slow, but healing is progressing.  I’m so very thankful for Dr. Kenneth Slack.  He was the third doctor that I went to for this issue, and the one I chose.  I highly recommend getting additional opinions WHENEVER you are going to go under the knife.  It’s also important to find a doctor that answers your questions thoroughly.  Dr. Slack did this.  Whenever a doctor recommends surgery, your first question should always be, “Why?”

I travelled more than 300 miles to have Dr. Slack do my surgery.  Why?  Well, that’s an interesting story too.  It all boils down to abortion.  Yup, that’s right.  I’ll tell you why in my next entry.

I’m applying Protective Blend, Melaleuca, and Frankincense to my lower abdomen to stave off any infection.  I’m applying Frankincense, Lavender, and Anti-Aging Blend to my incisions to prevent scarring.  I’m applying Helichrysum also to my lower abdomen to stop the internal bleeding which has been constant since my surgery.  After about two days of Helichrysum, the bleeding has almost completely stopped.

I’m taking my supplement pack, including the cellular complex capsules daily to help with that cellular repair, and I’m confident it has helped tremendously.  I had ovarian cysts removed in 2006, and it took me two full weeks to get off the couch.  I know for a fact this was a far more invasive surgery, but I’m healing faster!  It’s the oils!

I will never again have a procedure done without my oils.  I will never allow my children to have any procedures without the oils.  They are amazing, and I can’t live without them.

Oh, did I tell you that I had a pain free uterine biopsy by breathing Lavender oil?  Dr. Slack was even impressed!  He kept saying, “Does that hurt?”  “Nope.”  “Really?”  “Nope.”  “Wow, that stuff really works…”  “Yup.”

Yup, it sure does.  Thank God for His amazing creation.  Essential Oils are powerful medicine.  We just need to re-learn how to use them!

4 Responses to Healing from surgery with Essential Oils

  1. carol aa

    Just read this article. My husband has really thin skin after years of topical steroid cream. He’s in surgery as I write this. How did you apply the lemon oil for adhesive removal? And did you apply oils you mention directly on the wound?

    • Susie

      First, be sure that the wound is healed well enough that warrants the removal. Don’t do it too soon. When I was removing the surgical adhesive, I put Lemon oil directly on a cotton ball then swabbed the site. It takes a little time, but it melted it off quite nicely. Actually, just today, I removed a large window sticker off my car with only Lemon oil. Melts glue like you wouldn’t believe! It smells much nicer too.

      For the healing of the scars, some people may experience skin sensitivity to oils, so be cautious, and dilute if needed, but yes, I applied the Immortelle blend, and Frankincense and such directly to the wound site. I started this day one. These oils didn’t melt the adhesive, but got into my tissue and started the healing.

      Sending some prayers for quick healing of your husband!

  2. stsosa234

    Would you recommend applying your infection fighting blend to the abdomen after any operation or is this specific to the procedure you had?

    • Susie

      I would recommend applying (diluted) to the incision site for 3-4 days prior to surgery– any surgery. Then applying diluted around the site, not directly on, for 4-10 days after surgery. This will truly help your body.

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